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Escape Hub is in Maidstone and currently offers 4 games.

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Royal Star Arcade, High Street, ME14 1JL

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Kelly Archer reviewed Mr Brenchley: Diamond Theft by Escape Hub:

First half was great. The back end of the room is very tired and didn't work properly which was frustrating after doing the excellent ImBound. Needs retiring or refreshing.

Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5
Anonymous reviewed Inbound by Escape Hub:

I have done around 30 rooms before and really enjoyed doing this room.

The theme is 1940s Britain and the set is well decorated to match this. The unusually positive thing about this game is that there are 4 different rooms for you to explore and solve puzzles in rather than the usual 1. This means the game has a good sense of physical progression.

Equally positively you have 3 envelopes to find, 1 from each of the main rooms - so you also get an idea of how you are progressing against the time.

In terms of time, there is no clock visible but they do phone through to give you updates after 20,30,40 & 55 minutes. Yes there are actual phones in there!

The hints are also requested using these phones. We only received hints when we asked for them, which is generally a good thing as it means you get a proper chance to look at each puzzle. The downside is that maybe you can spend too long looking at one and be a bit rushed at the end as we were! We had a to get another hint in the final room when we hadnt really had a chance to look at the problem.

The only downside is that virtually all the problems resolve in some way to give you a code for a padlock. The ways you get these codes are quite varied so it doesnt really take away much from my point of view, but just be warned.

We played as a team of 4 and there were enough different tasks that everyone could be occupied doing something useful at the same time, but equally you could play it with less and still be OK so long as you work well together and dont waste too much time.

There are quite a lot of problems and locks to solve, and for December only 3 teams had escaped with over 10 minutes left. So that gives you an idea of the volume of things to be done.

All in all a very good room which I would recommend to anyone provided they have done a few rooms before. I think it could be a bit too much for a novice team.

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed Mr Brenchley: Diamond Theft by Escape Hub:

Once again escape hub has hit a coffin of a very good room. The main highlight for this room was the puzzle as some of them I had never seen before! The theming was lacking but overall I did enjoy my experience 

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed The Laughing Lair by Escape Hub:

There was ALOT to do for a team of 2 and there was alot of padlock like around 20-25 padlocks. The theming is really good and most of the puzzle are physical (we suck at physical puzzle)  but there was alot carnival games so that was really fun. I do recommend to bring at least 4 players and you need to split up as it's mainly non linear. Overall a very solid room

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Matt C experienced reviewed The Curse of Curawood's Garden by Escape Hub:

Out of the three rooms I done in escape hub this one is my favourite. I love the theming as it set in a forest. it's mainly non linear so no one won't standing around and wait. This escape room is small but you won't be in there for too long. The puzzle is very unique with some are logical, physical and mental.  

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

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