Room Escape: Indiana

By | March 9, 2017

Warsaw, Mar 2017

Rated 4 out of 5
Sam says:

I liked the welcome for their rooms; in this case, an expedition video with an Indiana Jones soundtrack to get us revved up before going in. We were then led in blindfolded and led into the the tomb.
On opening our eyes, the decoration was a mix of Indiana Jones and modern archaeology. An average level of searching quickly got us into a couple of fun physical puzzles. Throughout the game there were subtle instructions that gave us the confidence we were on the right path without making it easy.
We were also fans of some ornate and unique locks, some of which we have never seen in any room to date and fit very well with the theme.
Beware: There is a very strong magnet in this room, so people with pacemakers may wish to sit this one out.
Overall the theme was strong but not perfect. Most puzzles were fairly standard, although as a fan of Indiana Jones the last puzzle alone almost made me rate this 4.5. Well worth doing. 4 / 5
Toby says:

We played three rooms by Room Escape, with I think the first (Laboratory) being the oldest of the three and the last (Medieval) being the newest; and there’s a clear progression towards more elaborate decoration and coherent theme.
While Indiana isn’t as impressive as Medieval, it’s a clear step up from Laboratory, and some lovely decorations and locks make the decor a lot more satisfying. There’s a mix of searching, average puzzles (why is an ancient tomb making me do sums?) and some inventive, clever ideas. There’s at least one point where they’ve decided to include a puzzle because it’s fun even though it has little to do with the theme – but then it’s fun, so fair enough. And a great deal of the game is pleasantly hands-on.
My teammate objected to one puzzle as requiring external knowledge. If you have the relevant knowledge you’ll probably think it’s a clever puzzle; if none of your team does, you’ll need a hint to get past it, or perhaps have to run through permutations of possibilities, and will dislike it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have even noticed it if he hadn’t pointed it out.
One unforgivable lapse: the victory moment on completing the final puzzle should surely have used the Indiana Jones theme tune! 4 / 5
Lewis rated this:4 / 5

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