Lock & Key Awards: Fastest Escapers

The Key Awards are open to any escape room players who wish to enter.

Submissions for the awards have now closed! Big thanks to all those who took part - the winners will be announced soon. 🙂

An entry consists of three photos for three different escape rooms, each showing your escape time; entries will be ranked by the average of their three times.

The rooms must be in the UK, with a time limit of at least 60 minutes, and you must have played them no earlier than 1st January 2023.

For rooms with a limit longer than 60 minutes, the escape time will be scaled (60 minutes to escape a 90 minute room being considered equivalent to taking 40 minutes to escape a 60 minute room).

(There are of course many ways to cheat at this, for example by playing a room more than once, by hammering the hint button, or finding a way to skip a large section of a room. We reserve the right to disqualify entries where there’s reasonable doubt whether the time was achieved fairly, but primarily we rely on an honour system – this is about good-natured rivalry and a bit of fun.)