History Mystery Norwich: Firebreak: London Ablaze!

By | November 26, 2021

by History Mystery Norwich (website)

Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell, Bridewell Alley, NR2 1AQ

Up to 6 players


Languages: EN

60-90 mins

People rush past, voices cry out and the air is thick with acrid smoke; a fairly normal day for the City of London in the 17th century. However, today is 2nd September 1666 and things are really heating up in the bustling capital city as a tiny oven fire gets out of hand and consumes most of the city. Can you evade the Great Fire of London's inferno and escape with your life, your family and your possessions?

Drawing on real-life accounts of the unfolding disaster, you follow the path of a well-connected merchant and man of influence, through his recently discovered diary entries. He's a close confidant of Mr Samuel Pepys and the Lord Mayor, but soon discovers that influence alone won't beat nature's most destructive force. It's up to you to solve the challenges that lie between you and your escape to safety.

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