Walking Shadow: Reboot

By | August 27, 2021

by Walking Shadow (website)

6-10 players

Languages: EN

🎧actor / audio
90-105 mins
Your skill with computer hacking has attracted the attention of a covert government agent. To clear your record, you agree to assist Agent Halo in her current investigation. But what is Halo’s real mission, and can your team help her succeed? Exploring ideas of technology, identity, and personal freedom, Reboot redefines what online theater can be.
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The game not only raised plenty of philosophical questions for us to think about like what defines life and what is free will but also gave us a chance to put our votes in to make decisions. It makes us think about questions like if this is not a game, will we still make the same decisions? I enjoyed all of this, but there is still some further potential for our answers to be utilized more in the puzzles, tasks and other game elements and not only in the storyline. There were times when we felt that the Q&A segment felt a little long and the answers weren't really utilized in a thicker plot for later development. Although one use of our answers was quite innovative.

It is definitely worthy to point out again that we would categorize this more as an immersive theater experience rather than a standard escape room format as the storyline was definitely the focal point rather than the puzzles. We really enjoyed the puzzle presentation right before the show. There were a few "wow" moments that only a few of our players noticed and it quickly became a chain reaction after that.

In summary, the discussions and decisions we participated in this game actually made me think about the consequences even after the show. Reboot is a storytelling performance that explored on ideas of technology, identity and personal freedom in an intriguing and innovative way!

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