Gamescape: Save Xmas

By | March 15, 2021

by Gamescape (website)

Tadeusza Kościuszki 74/U2, 30-114 Kraków

1-6 players

£49.00 €59.00

Languages: EN, PL

🎧actor / audio

The old Gremlin has been watching the world for years and sees that the beautiful Christmas traditions fade in the mist… People rushing around seems to busy to see the magic of Christmas… This year his anger reachs its peak! He shouted: “If they can’t keep the Christmas spirit – they’re finding out that no Christmas is coming!”. Then he kidnapped Santa Claus! And without Santa, the magic of Christmas is at stake!

To save the world from the threat of losing this unique, magical holiday, your Team must use all their powers to track Gremlin down! Now we got no clue where he’s hiding  and what he’s up to… Your mission is to solve several of his tricky riddles and convince him that Christmas traditions are still important and respected. Find him and save Christmas!

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