Gamescape: In Wonderland

By | March 15, 2021

by Gamescape (website)

Tadeusza Kościuszki 74/U2, 30-114 Kraków

1-6 players

£49.00 €59.00

🎧actor / audio

A long, long time ago, behind the mountains, behind the forests lived a small, friendly Gnome. His task was to guard the magic crystals. They made the world beautiful and full of magic …

However, the Gnome, despite his great charm and diligence also had a weakness: he loved to sleep. Unfortunately, he once overslept so badly that mischievous imps and malicious trolls stole his magic crystals and hid them. As a result, the world began to get sadder and sadder…

Fortunately, the Gnome managed to contact with you. He asked you to help him in finding magic crystals. Thanks to them, the world will become joyful and full of magic again!

Your mission: Go to the Wonderland and help your little Friend in finding all lost crystals! Hurry up and good luck!

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