Breakout Saint John: The Love Diffuser

By | February 15, 2021

by Breakout Saint John (website)

107A - 212 McAllister Drive, NB, E2J 2S7

Team of 2: Β£61.00 CA$102.99
Team of 4: Β£68.00 CA$115.99
Team of 6: Β£76.00 CA$128.99

🎧actor / audio

Large, mysterious packages have arrived at each of your homes. The delivery label says the packages are from Valentine Corporation. Inside each of the boxes is a large cube with decorated faces. While examining the cube, you notice one side displays a large screen, which suddenly begins playing a video of the CEO of Valentine Corporation. He explains that your cube is called a Love Diffuser and, when it is successfully activated, it will release love energy into the atmosphere. He explains that he is looking for others who want to help fix the brokenness and division of our world and help to erase stigma, fear and hate. In order to do this, he has paired your diffusers to work together by complementing one another. In order to activate them, you’ll need to communicate with one another, share information, and solve the secrets of the machine.

Do you have the puzzle solving and communication skills to figure out the secrets of the machine, work together and release the diffuser’s love energy? Help Valentine Corporation in their mission to heal our world!

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