Caught in a Game

By | November 8, 2020

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2-16 players

£16.00 €17.66

75 mins
for kids

Adam, Thomas, Olivia and Jennifer are cleaning up the attic. Between all the thick layers of dust, they find a lot of games from the past.
One is a very special game. When playing, they are sucked up by the game and suddenly they are in the middle of it. Fortunately, the children find a letter that explains how they can help the people who are trapped in this game.

Through videos, the four persons which are caught in the game, tell the children how to play the different levels (rooms) and how to free the caught persons.

The themes of these four rooms are made in the experience world of children.

It's about gaming, BFF (best friends forever), but also about card and dice games. Children don't have to be gamers to enjoy this escape room. You will notice that the kids will be excited once they start playing and solving the different puzzles.

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