Real Escape Game Online: Escape from the Lockdown: The Strange Village

By | October 18, 2020

by Real Escape Game Online (website)

£19.00 ¥2,800

A villager by day, and a monster that attacks people by night. A werewolf.
In order to minimize the damage, the village took many countermeasures.
Outing restrictions. Villagers surveilling each other. Village lockdown.
One night, the terrifying howl of a werewolf echoed throughout the village.
In the morning, a body covered in blood was discovered.
"Who is the werewolf?"
In order to protect the villagers,
everyone participated in remote meetings from home by utilizing a crystal with communication abilities.
You must listen to the villagers who argue and accuse each other.
Watch everything they do closely.
Discover the lie within their words.
Find the werewolf, and survive.
You only have a few days before the village is destroyed.
Will you be able to solve the mysteries and save the village?
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This was definitely a very unique form of digital escape game we haven't experienced before. Initially, we thought perhaps we might be bored since most of the game was spend on watching prerecorded videos but the storyline really captivated us and we couldn't take our eyes off of the actors. If you looking for a game that focuses more on puzzles, this might not be the right game for you. But if you are looking for a murder mystery vibe spiced up with some comedy then you've found your perfect match. We love to hear what you thought about the ending if you do decide to play this game. We thought it was quite mind-blowing!

A really, really outstanding escape room experience like this doesn’t come along often. In fact, I’m struggling to remember one I enjoyed more than this?! So there, I’ll say it: The Strange Village is in my opinion, FLAWLESS. I absolutely, unequivocally LOVED IT.

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