Deadlocked Escape Rooms Reading: The Movember Virtual Moscape Room

By | October 6, 2020

by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Reading (website)

122 Castle Hill, RG1 7RG



90 mins

Player review

Martin W Payne says:

on entry, you are presented with a remote desktop and a Movember Puzzle Pack.  What to do? well, look at the puzzles, maybe play some music, chill, and reach out to a mo-bro or mo-sister who may have the time to join you on your quest to reunite 'T' with his "special" razor in time for Movember to begin (although, dates are meaningless really - but the game keeps track of your elapsed time, and the number of hints you ask for, and a few other things, whilst you try to help 'T' out in the Wexell Corporation.

A mix of video, Facebook messenger, external websites, and the remote desktop style means that this is a wide-ranging puzzle, designed to test your ability to crack codes, spot patterns, and have fun wondering what options to give Joey, T's long suffering partner! 

Deadlocked have upped the humour and made the concept slightly easier from Cyphstress and Insiders - but then 1/3 of the purchase price is going to Movember (charity) and its still good value for money at GBP15 for 90 minutes (approx)!

The team of three played in two households. For the sake of openness, I am submitting the review having been an observer of the team, as I had the opportunity to test the game pre-launch (as a solo player completing in about 105 mins)

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
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