Locked On The Rock: High School Hijinks

By | June 13, 2020

by Locked On The Rock (website)

Unit #7, 10 Dockyard Terrace, Sandy's, MA 01

1-2 players

£11.00 $15.00

90 mins
PROBABLY BASED ON A TRUE STORY - It’s the end of the semester, and your grades have been sent to your parents. But this semester, you focused a bit more on your social life than your schoolwork, if you catch our drift. Get a look at your report cards before your parents do, and see if you can change your fate!
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Our mission was to see if we could somehow hack into the school system and change our bad grades before it gets to our parents. wasn't this everyone's dream when they were young? We loved the story line and humor added to this ingenious concept.

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