Claustrophobia Moscow: Vault 13. Rebirth

By | May 29, 2020

by Claustrophobia Moscow (website)

Malyy Gnezdnikovskiy Pereulok, 12

2-7 players

Team of 2: £14.00 ₽1,400
Team of 4: £28.00 ₽2,800
Team of 6: £42.00 ₽4,200

🎧actor / audio
The year 2077 was almost the last year in Earth’s history. The remnants of humanity were able to escape in underground bunkers. And for several generations they have been growing underground, without even imagining how to live there-on the surface.
Your homeland is a refuge for the number 13. It has all the benefits of civilization, and Autonomous existence could have continued for centuries, but….. a strong earthquake damaged the reactor. Now the power of life support systems is only enough to support a couple of technical zones and a residential complex. They say that even these tiny particles of energy can run out very soon. Maybe right now?
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