Hour Glass Online Escape Room: The Queen’s Stolen Jewels

By | May 23, 2020

by Hour Glass Online Escape Room (website)


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You are agent X top ranked agent in your department of special forces in the secret service, you’ve received a call from your superior. He informs you of a new mission that has come in, he gives you an address and tells you to report in at 13:00 more information will follow
You are met by a high ranked FBI agent who informs you of the mission in hand. The Queen’s sapphire jewels have been stolen by the infamous thief Blue Ivy. You’ve been assigned the mission of breaking into her vault and retrieving the stolen jewels
You have one hour, can you crack the vault?
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In the many new genres of online escape rooms springing up, the category variously referred to as 'audio-led', 'simulated' or 'GM-led' is essentially a remote livestream game without an actual room. Hour Glass's game was the first such I'd tried, and it uses static images to illustrate our surroundings or specific clue items, with the gamemaster filling in everything else verbally - describing what we're seeing and reporting the success or otherwise of our actions. Hour Glass is a new company se...

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