Pentargo: Pentargo’s Quarantine

By | May 6, 2020

by Pentargo (website)

Team of 2: £4.00 $5.00
Team of 4: £7.00 $10.00
Team of 6: £11.00 $15.00

Jonàs Colomes was a famous epidemiologist who advised the government on possible outbreaks of viruses and bacteria. On March 11, 2020, he went to the Pyrenees and never returned. There was no trace of him, so it was considered a voluntary disappearance. His sister Anna Colomes, a police officer, never believed the official version of the events because Jonàs was expecting a child. Anna decides to start an investigation on her own. In full quarantine, through a colleague, she receives some news. A call from a stranger, using his brother’s cell phone, called 911 asking for help. The geolocation places the phone in an old mansion lost in the woods. Anna will start a time trial search to find out what has happened to her brother, from your house you will be able to help her. Do you accept the challenge?
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Online escape games vary greatly in style. Some are essentially paper-based puzzles delivered digitally, others are more like puzzle-centric computer games. And some use a 'realism' style where the game isn't presented as a set of puzzles, but as a real situation where you may need to follow a trail of clues across social media sites or investigate files using whatever tools and skills you may be able to bring to the game. Pentargo's game is this last sort, and it's by some way the most full-on ...
Not without its flaws, but with a mixture of complex, varied, and engaging puzzles, and over two hours of content, that can be played in one sitting or broken into multiple chapters, at $2.50 per person, it’s incredibly good value, and worth playing if you’re up for a challenge

This tough online adventure has us helping police officer Anna discover the reason for her brother’s disappearance days before the quarantine.

The format of this escape is really interesting, I enjoyed receiving information from our accomplice as she travelled around and investigated. While the puzzles weren’t always that easy to follow, the clue system works well for keeping the team on track and they’ve managed to cram a lot into one escape, we had many tabs open in our browser by the end of the game!

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