Escape From Home: The Grand Diamond Heist

By | April 30, 2020

by Escape From Home (website)


Our print and play game for friend and family gatherings, birthday parties and lockdown. You have been recruited as part of a crack team to break into the bank and steal the precious Grand Diamond. Can you escape before the police arrive?
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As an escape room this isn’t good, but as a game for a family activity then it’s probably not too bad. We enjoyed one puzzle, but only one

The other games were a mixture of fun and complexity but we could see how this could be done with a larger and younger group than ourselves. They were the right level of difficulty to keep the game fun and interesting like a normal escape room would, which is an achievement in itself due to it all being paper based. Whilst solving the games in 1 hour & 11 mins and the recommended time being between 45-60 minutes, if we removed our cutting time from this experience, I think it is safe to say we completed the heist successfully!

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