Escapist NZ: Red Hill Asylum

By | April 28, 2020

by Escapist NZ (website)

Level 1, 36 Bryce Street, 3204

2-5 players

Team of 2: £38.00 NZ$75.00
Team of 4: £51.00 NZ$100.00

🎧actor / audio
You are the star and writer of super popular TV Show called Ghost Stoppers. Your work takes you and your time all around the world to investigate haunted old buildings with colourful back story. This time it takes you over to the Red Hill Asylum where the town's people have reported hearing blood curling screams at night.
The Police have been asked to investigate, but found nothing despite the presence of heavy armed vehicles in and around Red Hill Asylum.
As you begin filming, your night took an unexpected turn as you and your crew found something unusual at the haunted Red Hill Asylum. Will you disprove the ghost story this time? Or is there something more sinister lurking beneath the surface..
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We always enjoyed the "imagination" aspect of audio escape rooms and we had to use a lot of that here. 

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