Lock Paper Escape: Mischief at the Museum

By | April 14, 2020

by Lock Paper Escape (website)

1-6 players


for kids
A new mummy arrives at the National History Museum, the long-awaited β€œDjinn of the Nile”. As the sun starts to set the night security guard arrives and eagerly awaits to greet the new arrival. As he waits he begins to read the inscription on the side of the Sarcophagus. The name inscribed appears to have been scratched out.
You are one of the last visitors to the museum and as you start to make your way to the exit sign the large heavy wooden doors slam shut and a mischievous giggle can be heard echoing around the giant entrance hall. You are trapped inside the museum. The security guard is in desperate need of your help It looks like he has unwittingly unleashed the Djinn. A whirlwind of havoc sweeps its way around the museum.
Help find the missing inscription from the sarcophagus, and return the Djinn to where it came from. Solve the seven puzzles and speak aloud the name and return the museum back to normal.
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