Co-Decode: Operative Onboard

By | April 14, 2020

by Co-Decode (website)

Unit 35C BSS House, Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, SN2 2PJ


180 mins
Oldervik Online is a series of escape room-style games, set in our Professor Dunstan universe, that you can play from the comfort of your own home.
Unlike our portable game that we bring to you, these are accessible online and combine browser-based clues with print & play elements.
Using video conferencing software, like Skype or Zoom, you could even team up with players in a different household and play along together!
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Co-Decode's previous game A Jewel In Jeopardy was one of the strongest offerings of the early wave of digital games, and Operative Onboard picks up where that left off, both in narrative and in play style. As a description, 'digital' is only partially accurate for a game that combines printed paper materials with web-based resources; like its predecessor, it makes extensive use of QR codes to jump between the two.
In this game you're on a train to the destination you identified at the end of th...
This game improved on the first and those subtle changes made for a smoother experience. If you’re looking for a print and play that is slightly different to the rest, then this is it

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