Deliverance Escape Rooms: The Hoaxer

By | January 28, 2020

by Deliverance Escape Rooms (website)

Upper Offices 2-4 Clasketgate, LN2 1JS


2-6 players

60 minutes

It's now been a week since Joe ‘The Hoaxer’ Kerr escaped Cell A at the Lincoln Insanctuary. Having escaped his cell in what appears to have been a pre-planned attack, a mass evacuation occurred, with fellow inmates taking out the guards and allowing The Hoaxer to escape the facility.
Since then, innocent victims have become his prey. Every night since, a new mutated body has been found, each with The Hoaxer’s ‘stamp’ engraved into their flesh.
You’ve taken him down once before, you can do it again. Only now you need to be quick...a device has been found at our headquarters, and upon opening this it appears to be an explosive device – You only have 10 minutes to deactivate it before the station, and everything within a 5 mile radius, becomes rubble. Succeed and then your mission will turn to capturing your old nemesis.
Best of luck, you can save us!
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