Labyrintoom: The Cube’s Cabinet

By | January 28, 2020

by Labyrintoom (website)

Wartenbergstr. 35/36, BE 10365


2-6 players

60 minutes

Alles ist weiß und geometrisch – Wände, Decke, Boden, Würfel. Kahl und anscheinend ohne Hinweise. Bei diesem tollen Exit-Room der besonderen Art fühlt man sich im Wahnsinn gefangen und nur die cleversten Fluchtspiel-Fans finden hier raus!
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A game that puts story and decoration to one side to focus on puzzles. If you’ve never played a “white room” before, then I think the surprise element here will impress but of the three I’ve played, this is my least favourite.

Even though Cube's Cabinet may hardly surprise experienced players in terms of puzzles, the room offers a unique setting for Berlin and is worth a visit.  The room is also suitable for beginners in terms of the design of the puzzles. We recommend the room for a number of participants of 4.

We travelled to Berlin to play an empty white room with a cube in the centre. Did we go mad or did we escape?

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