Puzzlescape: Edgar The Explorer

By | January 18, 2020

by Puzzlescape (website)

Revenue Building, 11 Church Street, NR19 1DP


2-7 players

60 minutes

Professor Thomas.J.Edgar was on an expedition travelling deep into the Guatemalan jungle. The last message we received from him was that he was close to discovering something greater than we could imagine. We have spent years searching for him and we have recently found his camp; however Professor Edgar is still missing. He was renowned for working in code, to protect his location from others and because of that, we have been unable to decipher his clues to find out his whereabouts. That’s where your team come in. Your task is to find out what happened to Professor Edgar and what had he discovered.
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We thought we knew what to expect as this was our third Puzzlescape visit. But as you can tell from the ambitious theming (above is NOT an actual image from the room!), this is several steps beyond anything they have produced previously. The set is well thought-out and (no spoilers) has some brilliantly built surprises and decor. 

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