Dr Gareth Moore: 404

By | December 15, 2019

by Dr Gareth Moore

πŸ““escape book
A mysterious book, packed with over 65 hidden messages
No puzzle instructions – you must work out what to do
Every code has a unique design and a unique solution
Reveal the story as you solve
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Ever since Journal 29 there’s been a boom in similarly formatted puzzle books, each with one puzzle per double page spread, where the first challenge of solving is often in working out how to approach the cryptic illustration. 404 is the latest such, produced following a Kickstarter (which I backed, but the book is now on general release).
This book styles itself as a coded message from the underground resistance in a dystopian surveillance state, a setting which is evoked more than described, ...
A mysterious book arrives in the post, accompanied by a cryptic letter. Puzzles and challenges fill its pages, hinting toward a shadowy, secret organization: The Republic. Who are they, and why have they chosen you?

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