History Mystery: Secrets of the Tunnels

By | April 27, 2019

by History Mystery Norwich (website)

KindaKafe, Castle Meadow, NR1 3DH


2-8 players

60 minutes

In the shadow of Norwich Castle, Herbert the City Historian has been secretly excavating a medieval street found hidden below Castle Meadow. Exploring tales of tunnels beneath the castle, he’s hot on the trail of the legendary burial site and treasure of the lost king of the Angles.
Now he’s disappeared, leaving behind a trail of clues about Norwich’s subterranean history and myths, but the tunnels are starting to cave in! Are you brave enough to head underground and risk collapsing tunnels and bad air to rescue our hapless historian before his and your time runs out?
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Most of the reviews I've written of games by History Mystery could start in a similar way, by saying: "this is the first game I've played inside...". With Secrets of the Tunnels, that sentence ends with "...an underground medieval street". This is a genuine archaeological site near Norwich Castle, accessed via the KindaKafe that your booking confirmation will send you to.
For the sake of calibrating expectations correctly, note that 'street' here is a relatively small game area, though with som...

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