iDventure: Unfinished Case of Holmes

By | March 20, 2019

by iDventure (website)

60 minutes

In the game “Unfinished Case of Holmes” the players will be transported to Victorian era London and will go on an unforgettable journey full of challenging riddles and mysteries with the mission to complete an investigation of a mysterious death started but not finished by Sherlock Holmes. It is a mixture of an interactive computer game and a detective story with real objects pieces of evidence that survived over time.
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A review of iDventure's Unfinished Case of Holmes - a play at home game. While the outer packaging looked inauspicious, there was much to appreciate - well printed clues, a good storyline, a nice central prop and some puzzles that were enjoyable. Sadly, the puzzles didn't match the rest of the experience, leaving us with a sense of frustration.
iDventure is a German company who have an online game creation system, and who sell a set of games built using that system. There are currently four different games, and each can be purchased either for print-and-play or in physical form. We tried the physical version of their Sherlock Holmes game; this comes in Standard and Expert variations, and this review is based on the Expert version.
The physical game components consist of a sheaf of glossy A4 papers and a series of envelopes containing ...

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