Escape This Room: London Bank Heist

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape This Room (website)

45 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3PD

East London

60 minutes

A notorious London gangster has arranged for the main vaultโ€™s hydraulics system to be sabotaged at Londonโ€™s most secure bank. The repair team have been kidnapped and replaced with a gang of professional thieves, as that gang your team must find your way through the bank to the vault room and steal a prized diamond currently being stored at the bank.
Take part in an immersive, cinematic experience
Use your wits and a variety of gadgets to defeat the banks high tech security system
Take part in an amazing adventure
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Escape This Room is one of the most recent additions to the London escape game scene - but however only a temporary addition, since it turns out they're only running until 27th May, putting them in competition for shortest pop-up escape room run ever.
The game follows a familiar bank heist theme. What makes it unusual is that the game is immersive from the moment you enter the venue - you're greeted in character and the briefing is provided as part of the game. Once playing, the hint system als...
An impressive experience considering it was created for just a three week stint. Lots of high tech interactions, a game where you kept on expanding your space and a mixture of physical and mental puzzles led to an enjoyable game with the only real negative being a slightly over zealous games master.
I know why itโ€™s called Escape This Room โ€“ because the nomenclature is โ€œescape roomโ€ โ€“ but I still find it funny when a new company come along with a single where youโ€™re not actually trying to escape a room at all. Indeed, most of this game is spend trying to break in to a bank vault.
Quite a crop of pop-up escape games in London these last few months. Escape this Room has gone to a lot of effort to build something for a month-long run and London Bank Heist was a good example of attention to detail and had something for everyone in terms of puzzles.

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