Trapp’d Corby: Maine State Prison

By | March 20, 2019

by Trapp'd Corby (website)

6 Priors Haw Road, NN17 5PH


2-6 players

60 minutes

Hidden deep within the government system, there is a prison so disgraceful that officials refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. No one wants to be burdened with the task of rebuilding the facility to acceptable standards… it would be a mammoth job. The guards are extremely corrupt, the whole daily system is non-existent and the entire institution has been left to decay. This is the place for only the most dangerous, insane criminals. The criminals that the world only wants to forget about. Maine State Prison is the place of nightmares… and you’ve been sentenced to life.
Thousands of inmates reside in this hell-hole and over 460 have died due to the poor conditions in which they are kept. You’ve done your research, you know all about the escape attempts and the public executions that the government have tried so hard to cover up. Of the hundreds of prisoners who have tried to escape, only 2 have ever managed to succeed. Rumours claim that they left a cryptic code in their cell which no one has yet managed to crack. Such implications are almost laughable… but they are your only hope.
As the guards march you into the cell, cuffed and blindfolded, one of them jabs a baton particularly hard into your back. Your feet stumble forward and a grunt of protest escapes you but the guards only laugh. The smell is the first thing to hit you. A putrid mix of death, sweat and faeces completely invades your nostrils and hits your stomach heavily. You can feel it mingling in the back of your throat and you implore the rising, bubbling acids to stay inside you. At least until the guards have left. One of them barks at you to stop and stand still, to keep your blindfold on. You do as you’re told and in that moment, something scurries over your toe… a small squeak and little nibble. You kick your foot out in panic and hear the sound of a small rodent scampering away in fear. You didn’t realise you would be sharing your cell…
After the guards finish shouting a few more rules and profanities at you, they slam the door and leave you in silence. You whip your blindfold off and scan the room in disbelief. You didn’t realise it would be this bad. You were stupid enough to get yourself in here, now it’s time to break your way out. Figure out the puzzle and run for your freedom, or remain Trapp’d in this death pit… Forever!
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When it was new this was probably a decent room. Unfortunately in its old age it has lost its way and become a bit frustrating. Couple the frustration with tired props and it’s good it’s set for retirement.

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