LockHouse Escape Games: Secret Agent

By | March 20, 2019

by LockHouse Escape Games (website)

70 Regent Street, CB2 1DP


2-6 players

60 minutes

Have you got what it takes to escape from a mysterious cold war era safe house hidden beneath a Cambridge street? You’ve been double-crossed, and now you’re trapped in the one place you thought would provide sanctuary. Featuring secret hidden doors, a severed thumb and a fish-tank (but no live sharks!) – Secret Agent is our most challenging game of all.
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The latest game from Lockhouse is a Cold War spy theme, where you are trapped in a safe house and need to not only escape but also identify a traitor and find a set of blueprints.
The safe house is a basement room that suits the 1970s setting but won't bowl you over; it's a little dowdy, with a couple of padlocked hatches marked as off limits. It's more impressive than the initial glance suggests though, and includes some cool pieces of period paraphernalia, and background audio to add to the a...
Another good TRAP-designed room. Probably weakest of the four available in Blackpool but still plenty of fun particularly as a couple.

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