Aftermath The Game: The Missing Link

By | March 20, 2019

by Aftermath The Game (website)


5-25 players

120 mins
THE MISSING LINK dives deeper into the Aftermath Universe where
players investigate Emilia Sarnovska's final case - "CROWDALE". Work with the Ministry through Agent 12
to unlock Emilia's cryptic notes, solving non-linear puzzles in a thrilling, challenging race against the clock.
You are now The Ministry - and the world's - best hope...

Emilia Sarnovska died, investigating a terrifying global conspiracy at the heart of Escutcheon Corp.
However, it was not end of her story... As The Ministry began to close down her file and her estate,
a mysterious item was found left in her safe. Alongside it was the cryptic phrase "Crowdale".

The Ministry will need you. In the ever-growing AFTERMATH universe, Assignment II: The Missing Link
is the next non-linear Escape Game experience which comes to YOU. Whether this is your first AFTERMATH
mission or your second Assignment, prepare your team for the challenge of their lives...
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