Hour Escape Rooms: Dr Paulitious’s Lab

By | March 20, 2019

by Hour Escape Rooms Peterborough (website)

6F Forward House, Aston Business Park, Shrewsbury Avenue, Woodston, PE2 7BF


2-6 players

60 minutes

The year is 3031. The world is suffering from a new strain of the Bubonic plague that has mutated from the original strain and is resistant to all medicines. You need to get some of the original strain of the plague to create a new antidote. You have travelled back in time to Edinburgh to 1888, where remains the last viral of the original strain of the plague is known to be stored in Dr Paulitious’s Lab.
Dr Jacob Paulitious is a direct descendant John Paulitious Edinburgh’s first plague Dr who kept the vial of blood from one of the plague victims. The time portal only remains open for 60 minutes. You must find where the doctor has hidden the vial and bring it back so the scientists can extract the original DNA.
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