mostly harmless…: Phobos 17

By | March 20, 2019

by Mostly Harmless (website)

12B The Artworks, Elephant Road

South London

1-4 players

60 minutes

"Turns out the rumours are all true. We’ve found something interesting in orbit around Neptune…"
Step aboard the ailing Russian rust bucket Phobos-17, we've got a mission for you. Somewhere in there is the score of a lifetime. And even though lifetimes ain't what they used to be, that's still pretty big.
Rumour is there's some high grade Uranium tucked away in a lab. Just like mummy used to make.
Lead-lined panties on standby. You're gonna need 'em.
Built inside a shipping container at the brilliant Artworks in Elephant and Castle, Phobos 17 is mostly harmless’ follow up to their 2018 Vaults show.
Teams of up to four can delve inside the Phobos on a hunt for a particular kind of radioactive treasure. You’ll have sixty minutes to get in, get the job done and get the hell out. Oh and try not to blow up the ship…
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Previously seen at the Vault festival at the start of the year with their team vs. team pop up Lifeboat, mostly harmless... returns with a new full-length game. I say ‘new’, but the commonality with their previous production is easy to spot - a similar sci-fi setting, some familiar decor and a couple of shared puzzles. You could even describe it as an extended version of the same game, though very much adjusted and polished; but despite the couple of puzzles I remembered from Lifeboat it was dis...
An utterly endearing retro sci-fi game with a good set, fun GM-ing and solid puzzles. Fun for enthusiasts and a great introduction for first timers.
I saw that Phobos-17 was closing down at the end of the year and as it had such positive reviews we just had to fit it in before it went, so we did.

A rundown Russian spaceship has appeared in Elephant & Castle in London and we are the very first team to explore it!

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