Escape Games NYC: Outer Space

By | November 27, 2016

New York, Jun 2015

Rated between 3 and 4 out of 5
This review was written more than a year after we played it. Whilst we’re confident it’s accurate, it’s short and light on details.
Lewis says:

This room kept us appraised of our progress using some nice-looking screens built into a plausible spaceship console. By-and-large the room had good production values and a sci-fi atmosphere that supported the game. There was a brief backstory including our identities as members of the crew which helps sometimes (especially if the story contains a clue or two itself). I always like to see (and enforce the wearing of) costumes in a room, and I wasn’t disappointed.
The puzzles were varied and the designers had gone to lengths to avoid the obvious pitfalls. (Although our friend the UV light does make an appearance…)
A puzzle towards the end was a little frustrating as it failed to detect our correct solution immediately and offered no real feedback; but our hosts interceded as soon as we asked and were able to help. The use of projection onto a canopy didn’t seem quite right for a spaceship, but again that was only one part of the game.
There were 3 of us, and the room kept us occupied at all times – nobody really felt crowded out.
Overall it was a good room, and fun to play, with only a few minor design glitches. Our hosts were engaged, and planning more games. 4 / 5
Toby says:

If you have a colour-based puzzle in your room, don’t make the players solve it under dim blue lighting!
That and the puzzle Lewis mentions were elements I found unnecessarily frustrating (although the concept of the latter was very nice). Still, the tech and theming were pretty good, and it’s only those couple of points that stop me from giving a higher rating. 3 / 5

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