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Logiclock is in Nottingham and currently offers 3 games.

Games in Nottingham by Logiclock

6 Trinity Walk, NG1 2AN

Most recent ratings & reviews

James Bloodworth experienced reviewed Cosa Nostra by Logiclock:

Relatively compact but with some good puzzles and atmospherics (the smell of the place, even though that wasn't part of the game).  Relatively fun game with few surprises but one or two things may catch you out.

Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5
Escapetopus experienced reviewed Pirate's Adventure by Logiclock:

Did this room with two first-timers, including one who was a bit concerned about potential claustrophobia. It’s very suitable for beginners, and also anyone who is nervous about escape rooms- it’s brightly lit, feels quite open, and is completely unscary (though there is a skeleton).

The plot and theming are fairly cursory, but there are plenty of good puzzles to keep even enthusiasts busy (including a tough maths puzzle I couldn’t do at all). We escaped with a few seconds to spare!

Not a ‘must-do’ room but good fun and worth a visit if you’re in town.

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5

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