Break Escape LTD: The Enchanted Forest

By | March 20, 2019

by Break Escape LTD (website)

58/59 Baxter Gate, LE11 1TH


2-6 players

60 minutes

The realm is under the control of a dark enchantress, and the forest sleeps. Can you wake it, and find a rare blue gem that is said to control the portal to different worlds? Difficulty - Hard PLAYERS NEED TO BE MOBILE
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Some game reviews are straightforward to write, others are not; this is one of the tricky ones. But letโ€™s start by saying Enchanted Forest is Break Escapeโ€™s fourth and newest (so far) room, and places you in a magical snowbound forest which contains no direct references to the Narnia books but which is nonetheless a clear and affectionate homage to them.
A nice opening sequence leads dramatically into the main part of the game. Iโ€™ll avoid details, but at this point Iโ€™d been completely won over,...
An enchanting game with a memorable start that throws you right into the heart of a beautiful fantasy world. Plenty of logical puzzles and little to frustrate plus some bonus challenges to keep more experienced teams occupied.
I donโ€™t know if it was because we were tired or hungry, but we struggled to click with this game. It was pretty and impressive, but the puzzles, particularly the search element, just left us feeling deflated.
A nicely themed game packed with puzzles and sporting the start to an escape game that Iโ€™ve long been waiting for.

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