Played: 22 Aug 2021 Team size: 2 Time taken: 65 Minutes Outcome: Failed :-(

Good points:

Offered us 3 options when game was broken

Some Clever and interactive puzzles

Good choice of props and set design

Bad points:

Broken immersion from the GM coming in telling us an answer.

Reptive "find the combination and then find the lock".

Clues would just give the answer rather than point you in the right direction.

Could hear another group cheering outside which then led not being able to concentrate

Rushed out towards the end.

Broken puzzle at the end.

Upon arrival the game master greated us and then went to reset the room. They then informed us that one of the padlocks had broken and they would try to fit it, after about 10 minutes we were told that the padlock was unable to be fixed and we were given three options

1: Rebook
2: Chose another room
3: Continue with the room however we would have to shout the correct combination when ready to unlock the padlock

This was not the GM's fault and we appreciated all the options given to us and we picked option 3.

Arriving at the door we asked where we could place our coats and the GM opened the door and told us there was a plastic tub in the room to place them, I felt that there wasn't really any enthusiasm from the GM at this point as for me the emersion had been ruined.

The game involves audio files that contain clues, however they will play from start to finish without the option to skip through them, all of the files were around 1 minute long so If you missed anything you'd basically had wasted time. No note pad and pen were provided and when asked to the camera if we could be given one we had no response, it was only until 5 minutes later I took my phone out to write clues on my notepad the GM came in and give us a whiteboard and pen, whilst doing this they also gave us the answer we needed, needless to say that this also ruined the emersion.

After repetitive "find the code find the padlock" puzzles we came towards the game of the game with 5 minutes left (55 minutes in).

We knew what information we were after however unable we were unable to aquire it. For the next 10 minutes the GM gave us information that we already knew, clues would show up on a TV in the middle of the room. At around the 65 minute mark the GM entered the room and just showed us what we had to do. The puzzle was very illogical and when the GM explained it they seemed that they weren't very sure how it seemed to work either when explaining it.

After the game we had a photo and then felt as if we were rushed out. Considering we were the last group for the day we felt that instead of giving us clues we already know the GM could have gave us a clue for the final puzzle.


I wouldn't recommend this game, the GM was really friendly however I don't think they had the right energy and motivation  for the game that they hosted. An illogical final puzzle that leaves you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.