Games played by Joe Brown

Played: 18/9/20 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
great humour and story with solid puzzles made this a decent experience
Played: 17/9/20 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
a really unique theme, intuitive puzzles, great soundtrack and the nicest hosts!
Played: 23/7/20 Team size: 2 Outcome: Failed 🙁
Great themed room, converted from a bus with awesome props and tech. We played it when it was pretty much brand new so a few tweaks to the hints and puzzles and this will be the best room we've played in the south west!
Played: 17/7/20 Team size: 4 Outcome: Failed 🙁
Played: 31/5/20 Team size: 4 Time taken: 52 mins Outcome: Failed 🙁

Great puzzles and tech, well hosted through zoom. Recommended!

Played: 14/5/20 Team size: 4

Fairly simple puzzles, but nice website and video clips made this more immersive than most online escape games.

Played: 2/5/20 Team size: 2

Great tech, well suited for people in different locations, fun code breaking puzzles.

Played: 19/4/20 Team size: 2

Fun to communicate puzzles only you can see to the other person. 

Played: 5/4/20 Team size: 3

Solid puzzles, nice website. Just lacked the normal panic room charm.. wonder if they purchased it from another company?

Played: 30/3/20 Team size: 2

Nice introduction to online escape rooms. Didn't enjoy the heavy reliance on riddles with google maps too much!

Played: 29/06/19 Team size: 3

Nice technology lots of cool minigames, but doesn't quite match the satisfaction of a normal escape room

Played: 19/11/17 Team size: 2

Did a testing run for this, really cool combo of educational while solving unique puzzles

Played: 14/04/17 Team size: 2

Great theming and true to the game show. The format limits the amount you get to play and the cost is pretty steep unfortunately!

Played: 25/07/17 Team size: 4
Very poorly decorated room with average puzzles. Some of which lacked logic and need guidance from the game master. A fun surprising conclusion but otherwise the worst room I've experienced from Puzzlair.
Played: 23/04/16 Team size: 5
Not a great themed room, and some unclear puzzles / bad riddles took the fun away a bit, but the ability to race other teams in identical rooms is a nice feature. Nice finishing area, wish the room itself looked more like it!
Played: 08/10/16 Team size: 4
Great themed corridors and entrance area but the room itself was lacking a bit. A few unique puzzle mechanics and the ability to race other teams in identical rooms is a nice feature.
Played: 30/3/19 Team size: 3
Standard escape room. Plenty of padlocks, big use of riddles, racing aspect being the best bit.
Played: 28/08/15 Team size: 4
Rough beaten up decor and not great theming. A few nice puzzles, but not very immersive experience. Some unhelpful clues given.
Played: 23/11/17 Team size: 4
A relatively nice looking room, fairly standard puzzles, but a couple of frustrations with poor quality locks resulted in many minutes of wasted time. Needs a proper clue delivery system. A nice setting but needs more puzzles, it felt like not much more than half an hour of content
Played: 7/12/19 Team size: 4
Some promising ideas and a couple of wow moments, but quite a few broken puzzles, and suffers from the same flow problems other Escape Hunt Rooms I've played has - you have to be guided to find out what you're meant to be solving and you don't necessarily know whether you've solved it, leaving you unsatisfied. However, it did have a few unique puzzles and nice ideas.
Played: 07/06/15 Team size: 2
Murder mystery with a few surprises, not great theming.
Played: 27/2/19 Team size: 4
Another nice looking room from Escape Hunt, however with limited puzzles and plenty of time spent trying to work out what to do rather than solving puzzles, while still finishing in 45 minutes made this room feel a bit disappointing. Fairly nice tech though.
Played: 08/04/16 Team size: 4
Great theming, but a small room, some unintuitive puzzles and an unhelpful host made our experience feel like a bit of a let down.
Played: 14/1/20 Team size: 4
A great looking set with dissapointing half broken puzzles left us feeling a bit frustrated
Played: 27/07/18 Team size: 5
Nicely themed room, with plenty of automation - but very short for anyone but new players. Even with plenty of mistakes we escaped in 35 minutes. With a few more puzzles this would be a very solid room.
Played: 31/05/18 Team size: 4
Some cool atmosphere and spookyness, and a few good technical elements, just a few jumps in logic let down this room. Also perhaps a little short, felt like a 30-40minute long room.
Played: 12/02/17 Team size: 5
Unique setting of an actual prison van and an interesting starting point. Some unintuitive puzzles.
Played: 27/04/16 Team size: 3
Fairly scary with a few unusual mechanics and jump scares! Fairly decent theming.
Played: 01/09/18 Team size: 2
A nicely done experience - full bank setting, complete with reception and vault. Some really unique features too. Flashlights seemed unnecessary and the room was a little warn, but an enjoyable experience.
Played: 18/03/18 Team size: 4
A great first room from this company - a good focus on the theming and props and a couple of good physical puzzles. A little heavy on code breaking for me, but some would really enjoy that.
Played: 13/01/16 Team size: 7
Easily the scariest escape game I've found, get chained up with a bag over your head in a jail cell and escape through the dark. Not the best puzzles but amazing atmosphere. Visited again on 21/10/17
Played: 8/2/20 Team size: 2
a really cool concept - escape room in the dark, with well suited puzzles and a lovely host!
Played: 11/1/20 Team size: 4
Great set, but well worn and a few confusing moments let down an otherwise refreshing and special feeling room
Played: 27/10/19 Team size: 2
A very unique theme and relaxing setting, some unique puzzles. a great first room but with plenty mistakes we still finished with 15 minutes to spare so could have been a bit longer.
Played: 30/03/18 Team size: 4
A great looking room with a solid range of puzzles and a couple nice bits of tech. We had a fun ride doing this room, but found it could have had more content - without a couple of slip ups from us it would have been a half an hour room. A shame to see they're still using a very spoiler-ish clue delivery system.
Played: 09/09/17 Team size: 6
Some nice tech and mechanics made this an enjoyable room, but the plot was a little confusing and it relied fairly heavily on memory puzzles.
Played: 04/06/16 Team size: 6
Fairly easy puzzles but with quite a lot of variety, mechanics and nice amazonian theming.
Played: 15/2/20 Team size: 6
A really solid mix of puzzles in a nice looking room, with a great clue delivery mechanic
Played: 14/1/20 Team size: 4
A very large and home made feeling room but with some unique elements made this one a special experience.
Played: 12/1/20 Team size: 4
A few challenging puzzles but mostly a fairly linear short room but with a brilliant set.
Played: 29/07/18 Team size: 4
A mixture of great immersion and a variety of puzzles made this an enjoyable and intense experience! Some cool tech and props and the atmosphere and tension really rose throughout. Worth a visit if you're in the area.
Played: 25/03/18 Team size: 4
A really interesting setting - exploring a missing magicians flat. awesome puzzles involving magic tricks and one of the closest rooms to failing! (24 seconds left on the clock) solid room but overshadowed by 2 tickets 2 ride with heavier tech and theming.
Played: 20/05/17 Team size: 2
Great sets and audio, loads to see and do. WIth just two of us doing it, we had our work cut out for us. Perhaps some of the puzzles didn't suit the theme so well... Overall cool experience and nice plot too!
Played: 27/09/15 Team size: 4
Lovliest hosts ever and an awesomely submarine themed room that they managed to make work for 2-10 people. More american style room with multiple puzzles to be solved at once.
Played: 13/1/20 Team size: 4
Unusual theme, decent puzzles plenty going on, fun finale but a little short.
Played: 1/9/19 Team size: 4
Nice varied sets and some cool tech. Interesting style of puzzles which had the potential to go wrong but some good if a little heavy guidance helped this be a smooth run through a fun game!
Played: 22/6/19 Team size: 4
Nice sets, some cool props and puzzles, but a couple of technical problems let down this experience. Great room if you're in the area but we'd travelled far to come so it was a little overhyped!
Played: 12/08/18 Team size: 5
A really nice set, and a fun racing mechanic - 2 teams race to get to the escape pod. A couple of frustrating moments due to having one game master rather than two (one for each team) meant there was ocassional bits of waiting around.
Played: 04/03/18 Team size: 5
A really interesting room - you're given 70 minutes and told not to rush but to take it all in. Plenty of variety, things to see and a really engaging story makes this a very solid room.
Played: 22/12/17 Team size: 5
Really interesting puzzles and an unusual theme, nice decor and quaint room. Seems like the best of the area! Definitely will be returning to try their other room.
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