Escape Lab Geneva: Hackers

Escape Lab Geneva: Hackers

By | July 6, 2021

by Escape Lab Geneva (website)

55 Bis, Rue de Lyon, 1203


4-10 players

Languages: EN, FR

60 minutes

2 copies

Crashing satellites, an ineffective phone network and internet cutted off in many countries ... For 24 hours, technological chaos has plunged humans into distress...

The starting point of this catastrophe is the autonomous car accident of Sam BINGE, a famous Hacker, the creator of artificial intelligence : ALMA.

Experts are formal. Freed from its creator, the ALMA system now communicates encrypted with machines and will have infected all of the computers and smartphones on the planet within a few minutes. Electricity, water, means of communication will soon be only a distant memory ...

As IT experts, you will, with the complicity of the building guard, enter the hacker's lair and try to neutralize ALMA before it controls the whole world ...

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