Cyber Q: Alice in Worcesterland

By | March 29, 2021

by Cyber Q (website)

3 Lowesmoor Wharf, WR1 2RS

Up to 6 players


Alice is a girl who loves to dream. She likes to tell amazing stories about weird places and uncommon characters, but no one listens to her or believes her. One day, Alice decides to prove to everyone that her stories are real but on her quest to do this, she went missing. Last time parents saw her, she went to sleep as normal in her bedroom but by the morning, she was missing! It's up to you to find her. Follow the clues and find your way around this magical wonderland.
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Alice in Wonderland provides ample inspiration for escape rooms; the whimsical setting lends itself well to puzzles as well as to an attractive, flamboyant or surreal style of decoration. Cyber Q’s take on the theme draws on the source material with enthusiasm to create a varied and strikingly pretty environment. This story has you searching for a vanished Alice, starting not in Wonderland but in Alice’s bedroom. It shouldn’t be a spoiler to say that, of course, that’s only a starting point for ...

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