Real Escape Game Online: Escape from the Science Lab of Shifting Rules

By | February 4, 2021

by Real Escape Game Online (website)

4-6 players

£132.00 ¥20,000

🎧actor / audio
90 mins

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I'm amazed by the concept of this game. To create a machine that can change physical states of items and to be able actually show us in a blink of an eye was amazing. You can tell the hard work they've put into the production. I would've loved to be able to have more time in the game to see what else could be done with our crazy suggestions (we were told that we're the only group that asked to do two things that no one else have asked before). Since we had a full house of players, everyone had different thoughts. Some players doubted others by saying: "No way, Really?" And when that idea actually worked, we all uttered "WOW" in unison. Playing this game was like watching a magic show. I would suggest going into the game with an open mind so you can fully embrace this unique experience. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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