Epic Escape: Asylum

By | May 29, 2020

by Epic Escape (website)

1/88 The Strand, Whakatane

Up to 4 players

£41.00 NZ$80.00

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You've received a message from a friend in a panic, asking for your help. You phone them back to find out they've been locked in a mental asylum by some crazy doctor. You have an hour to help them escape before the doctor returns and begins his next diabolical experiment. Good luck - you'll need it...
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We liked the organized inventory list as it helped the team with working on different puzzles simultaneously. Oh, and for people who are scarety-cats like me, don't worry there were no jump scares. Ok, I lied, maybe just one tiny one, but it was worth it!

Our expectations weren't particularly high, but the room turned out to be a pleasant surprise for us all. We liked the "remote" version of the game premise (since we're obviously not stuck in that hospital, it's a friend asking for help instead), appreciated the well-clued, well-designed puzzles, and even managed to get a genuine jump scare.

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