Unity Escape Rooms Virtual: Tomb of the Pharaoh

By | April 18, 2020

by Unity Escape Rooms Virtual (website)

Team of 2: Β£43.00 $60.00
Team of 4: Β£58.00 $80.00
Team of 6: Β£72.00 $100.00

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After escaping the South American Temple of the Aymar Tribe you headed home thinking Dr. Ford was lost forever. When you arrive at home you find a mysterious package post marked from Egypt. Eager to see what it is you open it up. Inside you find two items. Dr. Fords passport and a picture of the Luxor Temple. While going through the pages in the passport you realize there’s a recent stamp from the port of Cairo dated 1 week ago. This can only mean one thing. Dr. Ford is alive and he needs your help again!
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Tomb of the Pharaoh

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