Mystery Locks: Da Vinci’s Secret

By | April 9, 2020

by Mystery Locks (website)

1-4 players


"Leonardo Da Vinci, the master of Renaissance, made his name famous by creating the most enigmatic and beautiful pieces of art. The World has tried for so many years to unveil Da Vinci's secret, the secret which is believed to be inside his old workshop. Nobody could find this place since a few days ago. As Masters of Puzzles, we rely on you to solve all the enigmas and find Da Vinci's biggest secret. Be careful! You are not the only one who is looking for it. Some people called The Secret's Hunters who are on their way to the same place. Here is the address..."
You and your team love adventures and puzzles, so this old letter you found in your mailbox has triggered your inner passion for undiscovered mysteries. As you reached the address, you find yourself in front of an old wooden door. You knock the door three times as mentioned in the letter. Suddenly, a mechanism activates the wood planks underneath your feet and you fall inside a pitch dark room. There is no way you could reach the ceiling, so you will have to find another way out... Hurry up! The Secret's Hunters are on their way and they will do anything to unveil the precious mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci!
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