Aftermath The Game: On The Brink

By | March 20, 2019

by Aftermath The Game (website)


5-25 players

120 mins
ON THE BRINK is an intense, two-hour experience where team players
are thrown into a near-future world. There, they must work alongside their mysterious Mission Master,
Agent 12, to solve a series of uniquely challenging tasks. These tasks will require teamwork,
clear communication, lateral and logical thinking, an eye for detail and strong investigative instincts.

Five Minutes In The Future. The body of the respected investigative reporter, Emilia Sarnowska,
is found murdered after a cryptic and distressing email message is sent to The Ministry. The cause
of death is unknown. Across the globe, dark forces prepare to execute the last stage of an insidious
plan that will threaten the entire world. For you, it’s a normal day. It's a party, a get-together,
a work meeting.

But that will soon be shattered when The Ministry arrive, bringing you Emilia’s luggage asking you to
unlock a dark conspiracy and save the world… This is an acclaimed, immersive, non-linear
Escape Game experience which brings the danger to your door. You build the team,
we bring the mission to you. If you can hold your nerve, you might just
save the world – and avert The Aftermath…
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A fun, pleasantly chaotic game with a real sense of investigation and an interesting overarching storyline. The logic felt a little shaky at times, and the puzzle content could have been better but it was impressive that they'd managed to squeeze an eight-player game into little more than a suitcase.

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