AIEscape: Kill M.A.D.

London, Jan 2017

Rated 4 out of 5
Kill M.A.D. is a psychological thriller set in a hospital. It is one of those gems of a room where absolutely everything ties in with the story and theme, down to the smallest detail. It is deliberately and unapologetically linear, which usually isn’t something I am too keen on. Here, however, it makes complete sense and I liked how the story unfolds and evolves as you progress through the game.
The room is fully automated and makes great use of technology, all contributing towards the eerie atmosphere throughout. There are some lovely puzzles that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Who needs padlocks anyway?
Without giving too much away, the story builds towards a grand finale where you have to make a decision as a team (ours left us reeling at the reveal). An interesting variation on the ‘standard’ escape room experience.
We needed several hints (the operators asked us how pro-active we wanted them to be before we went in, a nice touch) and only just made it out in the allotted time. Afterwards, we had a thorough de-brief from the game-master on what we could have done better and how everything fits into the narrative.
The operators, Kou and Yan, have poured a lot of thought, creativity and passion into this room to make the story come alive. Thoroughly enjoyable! 4 / 5

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