Operation Escape: The Ops Room

London, Jan 2017

Rated 3 out of 5
Operation Escape is a 15 minute journey from Bromley South station by car/bus and is co-located in a business block, where you just follow the signs to reception. Operation Escape is WWII themed, you start by being plunged into darkness, but you soon break though to the lit up second room.
This escape uses a good mixture of mental and physical skills, i.e. use of magnets, morse code, symbols, math, and for the most part is in keeping with the theme. Your helpful hints come in the form of telegrams under the door- and when you read them you do feel like it was blatantly obvious! I like to think you could manage this room in the nick of time with 2-3 people, but with 4 of us there was enough to keep us all entertained for 48 minutes, (I wouldn’t recommend more than 4 as the extra 2 wouldn’t really have anything to do, plus the first room is quite small).
The room had several new simple but good ideas, which made up for some parts which seemed a bit unfinished, but all in all a promising effort from a new venue. Coupled with a dress up shot at the end, we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this escape! The webpage also suggests there are more to come… 3 / 5

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